Create a New Space with VINYL WALL GRAPHICS

Vinyl wall decals

                      Are you looking to update your office space? Vinyl decals and vinyl wall wraps are customizable signage solutions that can transform outdated spaces in a short time. In comparison to painting, tiling, and hard-to-stick wallpaper vinyl decals and vinyl wall wraps are a perfect […]

Signage Readability Chart

Making sure your message on your sign is readable and not only visible is one of the most important parts your sign company can guide you with. Having a clear message that can be read from the location your ideal traffic is looking from will make or break the effectiveness of your signage. Here is […]

Construction Signs

Construction site signs are meant to Identify, Direct, Inform and list any legal Regulation. The signage needs to be displayed clearly and with a purpose. When visitors, Inspectors, workers and deliveries are on the site and driving to the site. Safety is the number one priority. Common types of sign will IDENTIFY hazards, place to […]

What to look for when hiring a Sign Company

Experience Knowing is half the battle. When century signs opened in 1994 there were different materials used from then and now vinyl is being used more than paint and ACM and plastic is used more than wood. Knowing what works for every application is a key to keeping customers happy. Being able to save them […]


Where do I start? Every town and city and building in Ontario has their own rules and laws based on many different aspects like land size, building size and frontage. You may not know where to begin or how to update but calling Century Signs is the first thing to do. We have over 25 […]