From design to installation we have the expertise and resources to meet your project needs. With over 25 years of experience, we can guide you through each step along the way. these include Graphic Design of logos, Sign structures and layouts for proofs, Permits, Wide Format Printing, Direct Printing, Fabrication of wood and metal sign structures, Cutting, Engraving, Router, Die Cutting, Installation of all types. 



Project Management

Graphic Design and design of structures for more complex signs to communicate your vision and brand. Finding the proper design solution for your project is what we are here for. 

Primit Application is the process of getting your signage approved by the city you are located in and any other potential authorities that need to sign off on your project. We can take care of this process for you.

Project Management if you need guidance and consulting on your upcoming projects we can off this support and use our experience to guide you along the way. 

Wide Format Printing

Wide-format printing using UV inks or Solvent inks, you can customize prints to be mounted to all types of surfaces. As they can be made with highly durable materials for indoor and outdoor use it allows few limitations in any application. Many uses are 

Vinyl Banners come in different weights which give a variety of applications. Heavyweights like 18oz for high wind areas and 13oz and under to be attached to walls and used at events. May other use for banners are Promotions, Mesh banners for construction fences, cranes, and new development sites.  

Vinyl Prints can be made into labels all the way to full murals to cover large buildings. Window graphics are a very popular way to advertise on store windows to compete for pedestrian traffic. Wall graphics can do the same and be applied on a drywall surface, metal surfaces, wood surfaces, brick, concrete, and block surfaces. Floor graphics can be another way to have Vinyl prints direct and inform customers where to go. Whatever design you come up with to produce it can be printed. 

Foam board is a lightweight cost-effective material that can be used indoors in malls and retail stores and office buildings. It is lightweight so it can be shipped easily. 

ACM Panel which is an Aluminum Composite Material that is weather-resistant and durable to it can be attached to walls, wood, and metal posts and hung on fences on construction sites. The durability and life span make it an effective material at an affordable price.

Coroplast signs are a plastic corrugated material substrate. They are made to be lightweight and weather resistant. This material is a cost-effective way to print large quantities of signage for, warehouse signage, construction signage, Realestate signage, and events.

POP (Point of Purchase)  printing in wide format to display your POP signs is the ideal way to get the brand and message across to customers while they are in retail stores shopping. Look around at events, walk through buildings, and outside on sidewalks. Using wide-format printing to showcase your brand will in your temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent display.

UV inks are applied to a substrate or vinyl and then exposed to UV light. This process can yield raised and textured finishes and can print on Acrylic, Aluminum, PVC, Plastic, Paper, Wood, HDU, Plexiglass, Vinyls, and Tiles.
Special features – ADA signage (Braille) and raised images to make signage and photos stand out.

UV Ink uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. It can print on a variety of sub straights, Vinyl, papers, and much more. 

Eco-solvent ink is able to print on a variety of media. This process yields a waterproof vibrant finish with bright colors, which is scratch resistant.


Lamination is a finishing process in printing where pressure and heat is used to bind a thin layer of laminate to paper, vinyl, AMC panel, Plastic, and much more. Lamination is generally used to protect from general wear and tear and improve the longevity of the printed item. It comes in different finishes such as Matte, Gloss, Luster, and dry erase. Also liquid lamination for outdoor banners and UV clear coating for painted signs.

CNC Machine

Using a CNC machine to cut out Dimensional letters for office signs, Store signs, Directory plaques, Address signs, and Business signs.  Cutting out these dimensional letters, numbers, shapes, and logos gives a 3D effect to your signage. Using Acrylic, Aluminum, PVC, Plastic, Paper, Wood, HDU, and  Plexiglass we can create a dimensional sign for your project. 


We have a skilled sign manufacturing team who can build custom design high-quality signage. Finding the right solutions for your project we can create small interior signage, large exterior wall signs, pylon signs, and everything in between.


Our skilled team of sign installers is equipped with up to date training and years of in-house and in-the-field experience to ensure your job will be done professionally. They use specialized equipment and tools to install your project efficiently, safely, and on time to meet your needs.

From design to installation, here at Century Signs we have many resources and in house abilities to successfully complete your project. With over 25 years of experience in the industry we can find the right application for your project. We have served many industries over the years such as Property Management, Developers, Event planners, Real estate, Construction, Maintenance, Transportation, Municipalities, Brokers, Medical, Law, Food, Commercial, Malls, Hotels, Resorts, Arenas, Child care, Therapy, Gyms and other exercises facilities. Serving a wide range of clients, we have extensive experienced in the industry and can predict our clients’ needs for their projects and find the right solution for their budget.