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ADA Signs

ADA signs typically include tactile characters and symbols, as well as braille, to assist visually impaired individuals. These signs are designed to be easy to read and understand, and they provide information about various elements within a building or public space, such as restrooms, exits, elevators, stairs, and more.

ADA signs must meet specific size, color, and placement requirements. They should be placed at the correct height and location to ensure they can be easily seen and read by individuals with disabilities. For example, signs indicating a restroom should be mounted on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door and no more than 60 inches above the floor.

The specific placement of ADA signs will depend on the individual building or space and the needs of the people who use it. In general, though, these signs should be placed in areas where they will be most helpful to individuals with disabilities

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Indoor signage for all applications with a wide range of styles and finishes can create a large impact on clients, customers and visitors to your location. With styles such as Acrylic Cut lettering for your business logo to a larger wall sign showing your company’s goals, we can do it all.