What Sets Signs Companies Apart

Experience - Knowing is half the battle. When century signs opened in 1994 there were different materials used from then and now vinyl is being used more than paint and ACM and plastic is used more than wood. Knowing what works for every application is a key to keeping customers happy. Being able to save them time and money is first most important with the Experience I have gained in the industry over 16 years. I have seen the changes. We are still bringing old signs to new update versions and creating new types of signs with a variety of materials and media. Finding the right materials to use for customers' projects is the most important part of the job. Having something that last and does exactly what they need is where we come in

Service - Service is answering the phone when your client calls it to know them, remembering what they bought from you and having an idea already on what they may be calling about. Century signs have had clients for over 20 years and the ability to predict what they need or the ability to guide them into a direction of what may work is service. Not only do we have clients in all industries we can refer you to them to help out.

Quality- The signage you get done needs to be top notch! Your customers, visitors , employees' eyes are seeing them from all over, walking on the streets, in the building, office, construction site, seeing it on social media, even on TV. The quality of the sign needs to be able to last and look professional for all applications. Safety signs can't fall down and fade away; they are there to protect people from dangers. If you get a nice new sign and it falls down in a storm that is not good for business. Quality is not just the way it looks it is have to stands up for print to installation Century signs takes care of safety and your image

Trust - When finding someone that is going to produce and install a sign that is outdoors in the harsh conditions like Ontario has you need to trust that your sign won't blow over or fade so you don't end up with an eye sore or even a safety hazard. These people you hire can be hanging heavy signage above your customers, employees and loved ones' heads. Trust is something that we do not take lightly. We make sure that our signage lasts for your brand to not be diminished and safe for everyone around.

I Need a Sign What Do I DO?

Where do I start – Call Century Signs in the GTA! Every town and city and building in Ontario has their own rules and laws based on many different aspects like land size, building size and frontage. You may not know where to begin or how to update but calling Century Signs is the first thing to do. We have over 25 years of experience and can get the proper signage for your application from address signs, illuminated signs, Store signs , accessible parking signage, Fire route and ADA signage and wayfinding signs. We can come out to your building and help you find what you need


What kind of budget do I have – all buildings are different in their needs for signage. industrial buildings will not need the same signage as a 20 story office building. When you are working on your budget for your signage, Century signs can help you in choosing materials that will fit into what your current budget is now and what it can be in the future. When starting a company, rebranding or adding new and additional signage on a certain budget there are may different types of material to look at for all these applications. Looking into cost effect materials can be the way to save


What are my options – when it come to signage options are endless and it can be confusing and overwhelming to make the decision on your own. Do i use acrylic? I want the sign to light up too. Do I have to find someone to install the sign when its made? Here is where Century signs come in. you can show us your banding and what you are looking for and we can guide you in the right direction. Sometimes something that you may want to have might not be the most effective option. With our experience and knowledge we can help you find the top notch solution for your signage needs. Creating a plan and sticking to the company’s branding is key!