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Buttonville Airport

Here we have manufactured and installed a new sign for Buttonville Airport in Markham. Putting this all together was a time-consuming project that turned out great. Having and using the right equipment for the project was a key factor in getting the structure and sign face up. Working in the middle of a field and off a runway was a task we had to manage with the traffic control and the weather. Pick the right material for this project was also very important for this sign to last throughout intense Ontario conditions. When we were asked to take on the job we jumped at the chance to put our experience to the test! With a tough location and sourcing out services and materials through our network, We are proud to have been able to install this sign and see it every time we pass by on highway 404.

Each side of this sign reaches 28′ to the top and 32′ from side to side.

From commercial signs, retail store signs, and Presentation center signs we have solutions to get you company and brand noticed. Letting people know who you are and where you are.

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Outdoor signs need to withstand the elements of the 4 seasons and still hold up to your brand’s identity, which is why. we offer a wide range of applications such as lamination for scratches, UV protection and the use of the c Did you know that if your sign is facing south or west you may encounter fading issues? Not every project will be the same, but we have over 25 years of experience manufacturing and installing signs across Ontario ranging from development signs to parking signs. We can guide you in finding the best suited product that will be perfect for your project.