Property Management Signage

Here at Century Signs, we have been a sign company in the GTA serving the industry for over 25 years and have solutions for all property type needs. 

Using Signage To Attract New Tenants

Using signage when walking potential tenants through a property is a crucial component of successful property management. Here are a few reasons why:

Highlights Key Features: Signage can be used to draw attention to the key features of a property. For example, if the property has high ceilings or unique architectural features, signage can be used to highlight these selling points and make a positive impression on potential tenants.

Provides Information: Signage can be used to provide important information about the property, such as the square footage, lease rates, and availability. This information can help potential tenants make informed decisions about whether the property is a good fit for their needs.

Creates a Professional Image: Effective signage can help create a professional image for the property management company. This can help build trust with potential tenants and make them more likely to sign a lease agreement.

Increases Visibility: Signage can help increase the visibility of the property and attract the attention of potential tenants who may not have otherwise noticed the space. This can help drive leasing activity and increase occupancy rates.

Reinforces Brand Identity: Using consistent branding on signage can help reinforce the brand identity of the property management company. This can help build recognition and make the company more memorable to potential tenants.

Overall, using signage when walking potential tenants through a property is a critical aspect of successful property management. By highlighting key features, providing important information, creating a professional image, increasing visibility, and reinforcing brand identity, signage can help attract and retain tenants, and ultimately drive success for the property management company.


Signage & Vinyl Graphic Signs

For Sale, For Lease, Space available?

When a Unit in a Building, or Land is for sale or ready to be leased it is a great opportunity to advertise not only for that piece of real estate but also for your company’s brand. Adding Banners, Wall signs, and grounds signs to your building or property. Whether or not you have Office Buildings, Retail stores, Industrial Properties, Apartments, or Vacant land Sets Your Company apart from Competitors: Effective branding and signage can help set your property management company apart from competitors. A distinctive brand and clear signage can make your property stand out and attract the attention of potential tenants.

Property Signs

Parking Lots, Parking Garage & Address Signs

Solutions for all Properties

Tenant Parking Spots

Regulation Parking Signs 

Parking Lot Directories

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Tenant Directory Signs

Solutions for your property

Refurbishing a scratched, dented, and faded pylon sign is a cost-effective solution to enhance the look of a property. By repainting, having new tenant names, addresses, and your company’s information remade for the sign.

This solution keeps costs down by:

  • Not fabricating a new sign
  • Saves time on proofs back and forth 
  • No permits or engineered drawings needed


New Pylon Directory signage to fit your property’s needs.

What we do: 

  • Permits and Drawings
  • Site visits to find the best location 
  • Experience with finding the best solution for all budgets 
  • Fabricating and installation of your sign

Interior Building Signage

Signage for Office buildings, retail , industrial, and commercial, apartments, and condo buildings we have a signage solution to enhance the desired look and functionality of your property. Offering designs, site visits, and installation. 

Directory Signage for office buildings

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We have been a sign company in the GTA for over 25 years and have been working with Property management companies for the whole time. Working in the property management industry we have seen what works and doesn’t work for signage. Having a one-source place to order from saves time and money. Working in Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Underground Parking, Above Ground Parking, Condo, Apartment/Rental buildings, and Housing Complexes in the GTA and all of southern Ontario help you manage each project and what they initial from Wayfinding Signage to get tenants, Visitors and any Accessibility needs to where they need to be. Restriction sign-on parking or blocking entrances and exits. Tenant directories make them easy to change and cost effects for your projects. Leasing Signage and For Sale signage for buildings, Land, and  Units. We have had a wide variety of expertise and have answered questions regarding all types of properties.