Property Signage

We have been a sign company in the GTA for over 25 years and have been working with Property management companies for the whole time. Working in the property management industry we have seen what works and doesn’t work for signage. Have a one source place to order from saves time and money. Working in Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Underground Parking, Above Ground Parking, Condo’s, Apartment/Rental buildings, Housing Complexes in the GTA and all of southern Ontario help you manage each project and what they initial from Wayfinding Signage to get tenants, Visitors and any Accessibility needs to where they need to be. Restriction sign on parking or blocking entrances and exits. Tenant directories making them easy to change and cost effects for you projects. Leasing Signage and For Sale signage for buildings, Land and  Units. We have had a wide variety of expertise and have answered questions  regarding all types of properties.


Clearly displaying areas for tenants, visitors, and customers to be able to park and get in and out is what signage does. Make sure the areas that need to be clear stay clear and spots reserved for different needs are identified properly such as Parking Garages, Parking lots, Street parking, and Driveways. Using specific signage materials like Vinyl signage, ACM panel signage, Metal Signage, and Plastic Signage we can create Directional signage, Reserved parking signs, Accessible Parking signs, and Fire Route signs.


Creating a tenant director sign is a custom application for each property. Whether in an industrial complex, retail or commercial property there are needs that need to be met for each tenant you want to secure. These types of pylon signs are met to be changeable for new tenants, tenants old tenants leaving, and current tenants rebranding or ordering more space on the sign. These directory signs have an impact to get you property noticed so future tenants will have a space to advertise there company’s brand. For the industrial side these are the way customers can find your tenants in there correct unit easily. Made of 


Directing Tenants, Customers, and Visitors around your Properties is necessary for safety and keeping business flowing. In an office building, you need your tenant’s clients to be able to find them easily. Proper signage to direct your tenant’s clients to their office is essential. Having directories when they walk into the building and navigating them to the stairways, elevators, or another accessible way will get them where they need to be. Each property has there own challenges and coming up with the solution is where we step in whether in an Office building, Medical building, Industrial park, Apartments, Condominiums, Retail plazas, Parking garages, and any property that needs to be managed.


When a Unit, Building or Land is for sale or ready to be leased it is a great opportunity to advertise not only for that piece of real estate but also for your company’s  brand. Adding Vinyl Signage, Vinyl Window Graphics, Wall Wraps, Leasing Flags, Banners, Outdoor Billboard Leasing Signs, Posters, and Hoarding

Office Buildings, Retail, Industrial Properties, Apartments, Vinyl Window Graphics, Wall Wraps, Leasing Flags, Banners, Outdoor Billboard Leasing Signs, Posters,  and Hoardings.